Building an Effective Remote Development Team


If you are going to run an outsourced development team, enabling clients to augment their internal staff with skilled external specialists, then careful planning and management are required. Here are the most effective approaches to take in this instance.

Adequate Information. A remote team is much more effective if it is well informed and kept up to date with the requirements of the client. This means that communication of relevant information should occur regularly and with as much clarity as possible.

Positive Feedback. When a team achieves a good result, it pays to hand out praise for their good work, because this will not only reinforce their confidence but also strengthen the bonds between members. This should allow them to work together well on future projects.

Career & Training Opportunities. Providing team members with the opportunity to further their careers, through both training and a clear path of progression, is another good way to enhance their effectiveness. When a job does not seem like it is going anywhere, ambivalence can set in, so avoiding this with the promise of advancement is vital.

Resource Provision & Streamlined Working. A remote team will only be as effective as the resources that are at its disposal, so giving them the right tools to get the job done, as well as enabling them to communicate with one another, should be a priority. Disruption is undesirable, so relying on a resilient IT set-up will help to overcome obstacles.


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