What is your favorite Question you ask or were asked at an interview?

I have just had some interesting reading on Businessinsider, 15 questions that you’d better know how to answer if you wish to join the Twitter team.  There were some exciting ones like “How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?” and “What is your favorite meme?”  I’ve also noticed that mostly those were the questions that you’d hear from HR guys in any other company, like the questions about the 5 years’ plan and why they would not need to hire you. At Avicoma we sometimes like to ask some provocative questions when we hire a dedicated developer for a client and need to be sure he will match the team’s spirit.


How to grow IT manpower and keep up with your budget

If you have immediate need in software developers why not to build your own Dedicated Development Team in Ukraine.

Of course, Dedicated Development Team service is not for emergencies and helps you to extend your software development team with highly skilled professionals for long-term projects. Software Development nearshoring to Ukraine is a popular trend this winter….just like last winter and a few winters back 🙂 Let’s list some of the advantages:

  • Large pool of software developers skilled in various technologies
  • Quick setup of a development team (up to 3-4 weeks) that works according to your requirements and reports directly to you
  • Cost-effective
  • No worries about employment or accounting issues
  • Good connection with major world airports.
  • European mentality

Companies like Avicoma have a large system administration department to ensure uninterrupted work and safety of your information.

Client Own Dedicated Development Team

981371_586035951426905_243324504_oCan outsourcing increase the service capabilities of your business? Surely, it can.

Having Dedicated Development Team you will not worry about the maintenance of employee’s workplace, provision of the communication infrastructure and technical resources, administrative and legal issues, reduce software costs and save up to 60% of your budget. You will get a team of high-skilled IT professionals, built into a team and working according to the policies and work hours of your company.

Why Avicoma? Because we have a large database of IT professionals in various technologies and use the best management and HR practices enabling us to set up a development team within the shortest period of time. We focus on a long-term partnership based on mutual trust, confidence, agile techniques and individual approach to the customer. Good value of quality-price ratio, higly competitive service cost and low tax rates make our offer outstanding on the market, and Ukraine – an advantageous outsourcing destination.

Ukraine. Outsourcing benefits

Outsourcing has won its right to exist as a service in various industries and for many businesses. Software development is not an exception. Within a short period of time you can have a development team or few specialists integrated into your team, working according to your requirements and standards, focusing entirely on your projects. This is a Dedicated Development Team for you.

Ukraine could be an attractive country to build your Dedicated Development Team.

– Highly-experienced IT professionals. Ukrainian specialists are famous for high standards of education and possess strong business ethics.

– Money-saving. Ukraine is a tax-friendly country with competitive salary rates.

– Time saving. Geographically Ukraine is easy to reach and offer a lot of comfortable flights to the USA and Europe.

– Increased productivity. Dedicated development team will focus on your project goals and will report directly to you.

– Complete transparency, easy access and full control of performance of work.