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Benefits of Choosing Avicoma


Choosing the right dedicated development team for your business is important, since outsourcing can be a bit of a minefield. Here are the main reasons to consider Avicoma as your next third-party partner.

 Established Management Base

Avicoma has its own development center which has already been deployed in a number of commercial projects for major enterprises. A best practice approach to management makes it possible to effectively cultivate top-tier development teams which will satisfy the needs of any client.

Skilled Administrators

You need not worry about things like data security and the resilience of the workflow, since our skilled administrators are well-trained and highly experienced, enabling Avicoma to achieve prestigious MS Gold and Silver certifications in various competencies. This should give you peace of mind about any development projects which you entrust to us.

Long Term Approach to Partnerships

Our partnerships are formulated carefully, so as to ensure that the teams which are put together will be able to live up to client expectations and requirements in the long-term. All of our employees are part of the A Team, with no second tier specialists used, unlike some of our rivals. We recruit those highly skilled IT specialists who have extensive experience in the market, as well as the cream of the current graduate crop. Collaboration and cooperation are important assets and found within the skill-sets of all our employees. And while teams may work separately on individual projects, our working environment is designed to motivate everyone equally, creating an inclusive atmosphere of support and trust.

Quality Guarantees & Low Recruiting Fees

The long-term partnerships which Avicoma establishes with its partners are grounded on guarantees of quality, which is a reassuring aspect for any potential client. Since we do not simply operate on a short-term basis with a quick turnover of specialists and customers, we can also offer a low recruiting fee and ensure competitive pricing across the board.


Client Own Dedicated Development Team

981371_586035951426905_243324504_oCan outsourcing increase the service capabilities of your business? Surely, it can.

Having Dedicated Development Team you will not worry about the maintenance of employee’s workplace, provision of the communication infrastructure and technical resources, administrative and legal issues, reduce software costs and save up to 60% of your budget. You will get a team of high-skilled IT professionals, built into a team and working according to the policies and work hours of your company.

Why Avicoma? Because we have a large database of IT professionals in various technologies and use the best management and HR practices enabling us to set up a development team within the shortest period of time. We focus on a long-term partnership based on mutual trust, confidence, agile techniques and individual approach to the customer. Good value of quality-price ratio, higly competitive service cost and low tax rates make our offer outstanding on the market, and Ukraine – an advantageous outsourcing destination.