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How to grow IT manpower and keep up with your budget

If you have immediate need in software developers why not to build your own Dedicated Development Team in Ukraine.

Of course, Dedicated Development Team service is not for emergencies and helps you to extend your software development team with highly skilled professionals for long-term projects. Software Development nearshoring to Ukraine is a popular trend this winter….just like last winter and a few winters back 🙂 Let’s list some of the advantages:

  • Large pool of software developers skilled in various technologies
  • Quick setup of a development team (up to 3-4 weeks) that works according to your requirements and reports directly to you
  • Cost-effective
  • No worries about employment or accounting issues
  • Good connection with major world airports.
  • European mentality

Companies like Avicoma have a large system administration department to ensure uninterrupted work and safety of your information.