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What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

If your business has an existing development team working on a number of projects, you may find that your capacity to handle all of the tasks which are required for success is overburdened by your ambition. Should this be the case, it could be worth relying on a dedicated development team, the recruitment and management of which is handled by a third party. Outsourcing is increasingly popular, with Ukraine posing a suitable venue for development. You can save on the costs of running your key development projects without completely letting go of the reins or handing total control over to a remote provider.

Dedicated development teams should not be seen as a substitute for your in-house assets, nor indeed an outright replacement. Instead their role should be supplementary and complementary, with the fiddly bits of HR and office space procurement taken care of without putting yet more pressure on your organization. As the client, you will be intimately familiar with the project and be able to advise on all the requirements which will be met by the nearshore development team. You will also continue to be the chief managerial force within the initiative, so your role remains a central and vital one.

The ultimate intention of using a dedicated development team is to allow your existing department to be extended and augmented without dramatically increasing costs or requiring you to employ more permanent members of staff. Whether you need a single remote developer or an entire team to help you hit deadlines and push projects towards completion, it should be simple to find the right combination of skilled specialists. And with management of and support for this remote team handled in Ukraine, your company is free to redirect your resources to where they are needed most.


Ukrainian IT Specialists: Why They Are So Skilled

Ukraine is investing in higher education to make it competitive internationally when it comes to IT. This is already paying dividends, with a more competitive university system ensuring that students have to push themselves if they want to succeed. It is not enough to simply enroll in a course and expect to succeed; students generally need to develop significant on the job experience during their studies if they are to find work once they graduate.

The effect of this competitiveness in universities and training centers is that the IT professions which are produced in Ukraine are some of the most skilled and accomplished in Europe. They are also well placed to handle international clients from the UK, the USA and other nations. This is because as students they are involving themselves with trainee programs and internships which involve overseas placements and being embedded with international organizations. This outward looking approach ensures that Ukraine is capable of playing host to great companies which can meet the outsourcing needs of diverse client bases. It also means that skilled workers are aware of how things are done outside their own country, making them sensitive to the needs of companies that are looking to outsource various elements of IT to a trusted third party firm.

The ethos of hard work and dedication which is generated during training means that IT specialists are well placed to develop and remain valuable team members throughout their careers. For businesses that need access to a remote team of specialists in Eastern Europe to handle high profile development projects, Ukraine is one of the best places to start looking for assistance.

Benefits of a Dedicated Software Development Team

Sometimes it is beneficial to establish short term relationships with freelancers in order to get through a particular development project. Dealing with third party consultants and experts for brief stints is entirely acceptable in certain circumstances, such as if your business is creating something as a one-off and will not require a similar skill set again. However, there are also situations in which long-term cooperation with a client ‘s development team is necessary, in which instance having a dedicated set of experts with whom you can liaise on an ongoing basis will be a real advantage.

In the past it might have been necessary to make investments in additional permanent members of staff to achieve any long term goals, but this is neither ideal nor necessary in the current climate. By outsourcing the expansion of your software development capabilities you can avoid the expense of procuring additional employees, as well as the peripheral costs of administration that this involves, while still getting the benefits of cooperation and collaboration that this affords, when working with a client ‘s own development team.

Another reason to choose a dedicated development team from an outsourcing provider is that this will allow you to set out a schedule and work on a plan that extends beyond the range of what a short term relationship with a freelancer might allow. You can carefully manage both in-house and third party teams effectively in this way, ensuring that everyone is striving together towards a collective goal, while also reducing the likelihood of work being duplicated, which can itself be a burden on productivity and the budget.

In business it pays to take the long view, particularly if you are developing software that will need to be deployed, managed and updated for years, even if its development is completed in months. This makes the efficiency, affordability and quality of a dedicated development team all the more obvious.

Client Own Dedicated Development Team

981371_586035951426905_243324504_oCan outsourcing increase the service capabilities of your business? Surely, it can.

Having Dedicated Development Team you will not worry about the maintenance of employee’s workplace, provision of the communication infrastructure and technical resources, administrative and legal issues, reduce software costs and save up to 60% of your budget. You will get a team of high-skilled IT professionals, built into a team and working according to the policies and work hours of your company.

Why Avicoma? Because we have a large database of IT professionals in various technologies and use the best management and HR practices enabling us to set up a development team within the shortest period of time. We focus on a long-term partnership based on mutual trust, confidence, agile techniques and individual approach to the customer. Good value of quality-price ratio, higly competitive service cost and low tax rates make our offer outstanding on the market, and Ukraine – an advantageous outsourcing destination.

Ukraine. Outsourcing benefits

Outsourcing has won its right to exist as a service in various industries and for many businesses. Software development is not an exception. Within a short period of time you can have a development team or few specialists integrated into your team, working according to your requirements and standards, focusing entirely on your projects. This is a Dedicated Development Team for you.

Ukraine could be an attractive country to build your Dedicated Development Team.

– Highly-experienced IT professionals. Ukrainian specialists are famous for high standards of education and possess strong business ethics.

– Money-saving. Ukraine is a tax-friendly country with competitive salary rates.

– Time saving. Geographically Ukraine is easy to reach and offer a lot of comfortable flights to the USA and Europe.

– Increased productivity. Dedicated development team will focus on your project goals and will report directly to you.

– Complete transparency, easy access and full control of performance of work.